Top 3 Affordable and Powerful Air Purifiers


Why should you get or not get an air purifier? Well, the answer to this question depends on a few things. For some, it is a great device that can help promote better health. For others, the benefits are not so important and are just expensive. I will give you the Top 3 affordable and powerful air purifier in just a few minutes.


Many are not so familiar with air purifying device because pollution here in the Philippines is normal. So, cleaning the air in our homes is no longer beneficial. But for some who are familiar, they thought it’s only for rich people and most probably it’s just high maintenance (“kaartehan”).


In this article, I will enumerate reasons that I think why air purifying device is worth the buy and I hope the information below will able to help you on getting an air purifying device.


Reason #1:

You or members of your family or relatives are suffering from Allergies or Asthma.

Some air purifying device has several types of filters and provides the most protection against harmful airborne particles. Below are some filter types based on what type of particles the device can filter:

  • Ionizer – This type of filter is good at neutralizing a variety of particles out in the open air space
  • UV Light – This type of filter can kill airborne bacteria and viruses to create a sterile environment
  • HEPA – This type of filter is great at pulling and trapping microscopic allergens like pollen, dust and pet dander
  • Carbon – This type of filter is excellent in removing smoke and household odors


Some device can filter just one type that makes them more affordable, some can combine several types that makes them more expensive.


Air Purifying devices promote better health


Reason #2

You or members of your family get sick easily or is prone to infections.

The air-purifying device becomes helpful because they can trap harmful airborne toxins that can cause sickness. Regardless of the type of air purifier you buy, the work is to cleanse the air around you. It will remove the harmful particles from the air and will not able to reach inside your lungs as you breathe.

Devices that has HEPA filter says they are capable to capture 99.7% of particles; this includes most allergens, bacteria, and viruses. While Ionizer filter is causing bad particles to fall on to the floor, which must be cleansed immediately.


The less bad particles you inhale, the healthier you stay.


Reason #3

You or members of your family want to be as healthy as possible while inside your home

All air purifying devices come with a maximum square meter. It depends on how wide its function would be. Once the device is within a reach, you’re guaranteed for a purified air. Some devices can have an entire room which makes it more expensive because it has a wider reach.


Still, it’s a good investment if you want a cleaner air around you


The Top Three Affordable and Powerful Air Purifiers


Now you know the reasons on why you should be getting one, here are the 3 affordable and powerful Air Purifiers available in the Philippines.


Choose the one that’s right for you.


#1 Imarflex IAP-300

imarflex iap 300This Air Purifier from Imarflex has a HEPA filter that removes air pollutants, provide pure indoor air, boost the immune system and relieves asthma and allergy symptom. The unit also has an advance carbon filter that prevents odor and gasses such as smoke, smog, cooking and paint odor, etc. It also has Air Ionizer when turned on will activate the negative ion.

It also has a carbon filter, a silent motor, 3-speed control, 5-layer filter and it can be mounted in any wall of your home. The filter is disposable and can last up to 6 months. It has a light indicator showing the operating condition of the unit whether power is on or a feature is in operation. It can consume the energy of 60 watts.

This device can cover a room up to 40 sqm. This air purifying device is Php 6,700.

You can buy this in their Official Lazada Account with up to 36 months installment.


#2 Whirlpool AP 636 W

whirlpool ap 636wThis Air Purifier from Whirlpool has a 6th Sense Power shield filtration system, variable program option, degermation, and ionizer function, filter cleaning indicator, air quality level indicator, washable pre-filter and with backlight.

It is designed to bring comfort to your home by eliminating allergens and other pollutants present in the air.

This device can cover up to 37 sqm wide area. The price of this air purifying device is for Php 15,998.

You can buy this in any Whirlpool Stores or in their Official Lazada Account with up to 36 months installment.


#3 Imarflex IAP-150

imarflex iap 150This Air Purifier from Imarflex has aroma function and is very economical. The purifier and humidifier can be used simultaneously. It has a 3-layer filter and can consume the energy of 5 watts. This device can help to remove positive ion(bacteria) in the air, smoke, and odor which turns into dust, so we can’t inhale it.

The unit has a replaceable HEPA filter and can last up to 6 months. It has no carbon filter. The ionizer automatically turns on and can be manually turned off.

This device can cover up to 15 sqm wide area.

You can buy this in their Official Lazada Account for as low as Php 2,500.


To Wrap Up

The Imarflex IAP-300 is the most affordable and powerful among these three air purifiers because it costs below Php 7k and can cover up to 40 sqm area where it also has 5-layers of filters. While the most affordable among these three is the Imarflex IAP-150 that costs below Php 3k and is good for within a small room while the Whirlpool AP 636 W is a powerful one but a little bit expensive than those two but has 6th sense power filtration. Both Imarflex units have disposable filters while Whirlpool has a washable filter.


I hope this helps you decide if you’re thinking of investing an air purifier in your home.


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