How to Create a 360 Virtual Tour – A 360 Photography for Real Estate


This article will teach you what you need to shoot a 360-degree photo for real estate and what free virtual tour software you can use to piece together the photos and publish to your own website.

Equipment Required:

  • 360° camera
  • Tripod
  • Smartphone (Only if the camera uses smartphone as its remote control)

If you aren’t sure of what 360° camera you need, check this post about the Best 360 Camera 2019: The Professional 360 Camera for Real Estate.

How to take 360 photos?

The best and easiest way to capture 360° images is to use a 360° camera. With just one click on the remote control or your smartphone, you can capture the 360° angle of the area.

Step 1: Connect the 360° camera to a Tripod.

Attach your 360° camera to your tripod. Having a tripod will give you a best height angle of the property. 3 to 4 feet is the best possible height. It would also allow you to control the camera even you are away.

Step 2: Turn on the 360° camera and connect.

Most of the 360° camera now a days can be connected to your smartphone. Make sure to press the “Power” button of the camera and connect from your smartphone. In case, that the 360° camera has it’s own remote control, make sure that it is connected with the device. Check the Manual Guide of the corresponding 360° camera to make sure.

Step 3: Position the camera.

Place the camera at the center of the area that you want to shoot. For larger spaces, make sure to place it on per area for a more realistic outcome.


Step 4: Capture the area.

Step out of the area where you placed the camera. Make sure you are not seen in any angle. It is best to shoot a location without any other people in the scene, or any other unnecessary objects.


Step 5: Move, Place, Capture and REPEAT!

Move to the next area you want to capture, place the 360° camera at the center of the area and capture what you need to capture. Do this step until all areas are covered. For a one unit of property, you can capture 25-30 images.


How to Create a Virtual Tour for FREE?

Now you had the 360° images, download the files from the app and save it in a folder in your desktop. For better and faster results, rename each photo chronologically with the name of the area. This would give you easier understanding of the photos you have taken, which comes first and what’s next.


Step 1: Select a Virtual Tour Software.

We recommend using Kuula or Panoroo. They are both drag and drop Virtual Tour builder. We used Kuula in all our Virtual Tour. (See Real Estate Projects with Virtual Tour) Create your account and sign-in with any of this virtual tour software. They can be used for free when you sign-up. If you are just trying it out for your projects, free versions are helpful to make you start with.


Step 2: Upload Photos.

Upload the photos you have captured on the virtual tour software that you have selected. Make sure that you have renamed the images before uploading. You will surely understand why renaming is important.


Step 3: Connect Photos.

Once you have uploaded images, select the first image you want to edit. Click on “Hotspot” and select the image you want to appear when that hotspot is clicked. Do this to all parts of the image that would expand the area. Then click on the 2nd image, add a “Hotspot”, do this until all images are modified.


Step 4: Publish Virtual Tour.

Once all photos are connected to each other and it is behaving like you want it to be. Hit the publish button so you could get an embed code or link URL that you could place to your own website.


Step 5: Customized Virtual Tour.

Every successful virtual tour, it gives an embed code that you can paste and view to your own website. They also have the options to input your own logo for branding purposes.


Happy Selling!


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