About PinoyHomebuyer

Welcome Pinoy Homebuyers (and Sellers)!


We are excited to have you here to be part of our growing Pinoy Millennial Homebuyer Community!


Who is PinoyHomebuyer?

PinoyHomebuyer refers to Filipino people who are future home buyers. The goal is to answer questions and enquiries about Real Estate in the Philippines. It could also be a place for Real Estate Brokers and Agents to share their best practices and advices.

In PMH, we are also helping out future home buyers like you to experience and visit the project first in your Desktop, Mobile or Tablet before the actual visit. This will give you less time prospecting your dream home since you can access it anytime and anywhere.

We understand that prospecting your dream home is a tedious part, but we also want to provide a probable solution on that part and that is our own way of experiencing the tour ourselves, replicate it into a 360° image and upload it.



Experience our own version of Explore More, Hassle No-More!


How PinoyHomebuyer did it?

PMH Team visit projects that are accredited by our In-house Real Estate Broker. We take pictures of the project, upload it to our system and create a real Virtual Tour. Home buyers can experience so real walkthroughs on every project by just clicking the hotspots and bring them to explore more of the area.

pinoyhomebuyer landscape

Home buyers can also view it using their own Virtual Reality devices and can explore more.

pinoyhomebuyer VR


It’s not just 360° pictures that you can just move it around. It’s a complete walkthrough experience just like how you want to explore it more.

If you want to see our demo, please visit pinoyhomebuyer.com/demo

If you see a valuable future for home buyers like you, we ask you to support us to keep going.

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A dollar a month will keep us going and moving forward; and Making every REALTY a REALiTY!

We hope you’ll support us making more 360° Virtual Tours, because everyone should enjoy the benefits of visiting their own dream home without leaving their own seat.

If you have any enquiries, just send an email at [email protected]



– Sarah